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About Surabhi Indian Cuisine

Welcome to Surabhi Indian Cuisine. The Indian food experience in Surabhi Cuisine will give you a glimpse of heaven, it is authentic and delicious to provide an unforgettable time.

Experience the cuisines of India and be instantly transported thousands of miles by the exotic flavors and aromas in Bloomington's Surabhi Cuisine. We welcome you to enjoy the fruits of our labor as we carefully prepare authentic dishes from the rich history of India. Blended fresh daily our warm fragrant and pungent spices create a feast for your senses that you will want to experience often.

We use only fresh, natural ingredients to create our individual dishes, each boasting distinctive flavors and aromas. Our centuries old traditions of preparation and hospitality are yours to enjoy as we invite you to dine with us and make your visit a pleasant one.

In our service we will attempt to highlight the famous Indian hospitality by providing delicious food coupled with courteous reception which will haunt your memory.

We take pride in bringing to the people of Minneapolis the inherited tradition of this unique culinary art of the tandoor (Indian clay ovens) that create the exotic world-famous tastes in the Indian cuisine. The art of Indian cookery lies not in high spicing but in delicacy of spicing.

Above all feel certain that you are most welcome, that your continued patronage is most appreciated and that your comfort and satisfaction are of the utmost concern to us.

Surabhi Indian Cuisine