517 West 98th Street,
Bloomington, MN 55420
(952) 746-3663
(952) 746-3664

We appreciate your business!!! As our most valued customer, help us know what we are doing well and where we can do better.
Family and I have eaten here several times. Love the food, the best place in town! Thank you to the Chef and the cooks that prepare the delicious food.
I am very pleased with the service and the quality of food is very good. I recommend this place to all my friends.
I have visited too many Indian restaurants and this is my favorite by far. The food is amazing and worth the drive.
Alisha H.
I tried their lunch buffet a couple of times and had dinner once. The food is exceptionally good. The lunch buffet has a good mix of South and North Indian cuisine. I tried their Dosas, Idlies, Vadas along with Naans, Chole and Saag Paneer. Everything is rich in taste and really cooked well.The dinner wasn't expensive as I expected. The biryanis and the curries were cooked to perfection and the quantity is a lot more than in other restaurants. Try it...you won't regret it.
Mahesh K.
Very tasty food, reasonable prices. Atmosphere is special, but the food is great. Try the chicken tikka masala...
Marcel N.
The best Indian food in the Twin Cities (and there are many good places to choose from, thank you very much). Many dishes you simply won't find anywhere else. Surabhi is often packed with Indian families, which of course a good sign. Hardly a hip location, located right off of 35W in what looks to be a former Perkins, but that's part of its charm.
Ed D.
“Fantastic food"
Fantastic food..ask for medium spicy and not spicy if you do not intend to spend on dessert..which too btw was delicious..must go..this place is better than any other Indian food I have had in this area.
great lunch buffet
Excellent lunch buffet. really authentic and tasty when compared to other restaurants in MN.. I would go again. Pros: spicy and authentic food
Best Indian Restaurant in MN
This is the best Indian restaurant in MN, hands down. If you would like to eat authentic Indian food, try this place. The food is really tasty and spicy like it supposed to be. I hope this place will continue to keep up its food's quality and not towards pleasing local customers by making bland food like some Indian restaurants do. Keep up the good work.
good food
Surabhi is a nice place for brunch. The food has always been good. The place has gotten lot better and cleaner since the last time i went there. I went definitely recommend this place for some authentic indian food. A good mix of north and south Indian cuisine.
I had the buffet a few weeks ago. Each and every dish is just great. The best Indian food I ever had in Minneapolis. The folks are nice and treat you
I love their buffet's, go early, and its fresh and hot, with lots of choices!!!! yum!
Surabhi presents consistently outstanding Indian food in an attractive and clean restaurant at very reasonable prices. We enjoyed sampling the large variety of meat based and vegetarian dishes, condiments and sauces. Five stars!
Best Indian Restaurant in Twin Cities..... Good Service, Lot of varities...
Lalit Meesala
The best Indian restaurant in twin cities. They have a wide variety of menu for the buffet. Its not like the usual menu in all the Indian restaurants.
Being an indian I would recon this as an authentic one. These guys are masters in south indian food.
This is my very favorite indian restaurant in the Twin Cities area. It is definitely worth the small drive down 35. I have very high standards, as I used to live in Boston, where - randomly enough - there are tons of extremely high quality indian restaurants. When I first moved back here, I was so disappointed with what I saw and tasted. Then, I finally found this one, and I haven't gone anywhere else since. Highly recommended!
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